12 thoughts on “Bitcoins Kopen Haram”

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  2. Shahvez Ahmed

    I want to invest in crypto currency(both long term and short term) along with some intraday, weekly,bi weekly, monthly trading to earn money. Can I do that as per Islam.
    Please answer me with facts.

  3. Trading in islam is allowed if there is exchange of goods & commodities against exchange of currency.
    Islam clearly prohibits profit making over pure currency exchange, other than a small service charge.
    Any profit made on currency to currency exchange, other than a reasonable service charge, would be an unjust rip-off and would fall into advanced buying & ‘Hoarding’ category which would make such trading & profits so generated into Haram.
    Know that any ‘currency to currency’ trading with the intention of profiteering, by itself makes it falls into speculative trading & its nothing but Betting which is also called Gambling and is thus is HARAM in ISLAM

  4. Walaikum assalam… How r u brother what is your name.. Pls clear me bitcoin investment haram or halal..

  5. punchlineur030

    Salam ou 3aleikom brother. May I ask you if it is halal if I lend my bitcoin with a 1 or 2% daily profit

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