Bitcoin Kopen Hardware Wallet

Ledger Live – Manage Your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

How do you secure your Bitcoin and crypto using a hardware wallet? Today I explore the new desktop software from Ledger, called “Ledger Live”. You can use this to interact with your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue, and ensure that your funds are safe while also having your financial information readily available in a convenient app. This video is for beginners using their first hardware wallet, as well as those individuals switching over from the old Chrome apps that Ledger used to utilize.

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9 thoughts on “Bitcoin Kopen Hardware Wallet”

  1. Viziontex Electronics and more

    Hi great channel very valuable information ?. I have a question can we change the phrase as I read it that there was a case about nano s hacked. He bought one and once put the money in nano s it was stolen as the scammer new the phrase. Saw it a while ago on news.

  2. Crypto Blockhead

    Absolutely Brilliant. You are without a doubt the best U tuber when it comes to, explaining the use cases for wallets and devices. You cover the little things in between the main issues, which adds to the hands on approach. Very clear and concise explanations. Thank you for sharing and keep up your brilliant work.

  3. Great vid as always Ben. Im happy with the Ledger Live,was a bit confusing at 1st when I used it,but it’s all good now.

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