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  2. Wow ol’bill redhead is really ginger! I didn’t notice until now, with all that camera zoom

  3. Driving, whilst on your phone looking for food, only taking your eyes off your phone screen to look at the cameraman who’s interviewing you. 😂😂😂

  4. Tony From Syracuse

    the guy in the car hush laughing at Bills jokes is really irritating me.

  5. Fuelled by Hate

    Fucking guy with a metal detector…. It was a weed wacker lol.

  6. Revolution Uprise

    I definitely went to find the “i blew my leg off” video after this… lol

  7. Scott Glenn

    What’s you’re problem with southerners? Oh it’s the same problem we have with soooo white (almost clear) safe suburban Boston douche bags.

  8. Dissident101

    There is a correlation between looks and trusting someone with very expensive equipment, you automatically have an easier time to trust someone who is easy on the eyes.

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