Hoeveel Verdient Swanky Tunes

How To Buy & Customize Cars In GTA Online

Yo guys it’s your boy SnapKing! This is an English lesson exercise! Made by Julian Fries & Julian Not-Fries.

If you’re wondering why my English is so bad (very strong Dutch accent) and what’s up with the random intro and outro, it’s to mock with my teacher. The in- and outro was a meme in my class at that moment.

Music used:
SnapKing Intro: Carly Rae Japsen – I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)
ArmooWasRight Intro: Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper – Far From Home (Original Mix)

De rechten van de intro’s en outro gaan naar SnapKing en ArmooWasRight. De video’s worden alleen gebruikt voor educatieve doeleinden.

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