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  1. Re:College Debt in the USA.I never understand those highly educated students never try to change this life strangling system. Understanding America is the epitome nation of Capitalism, the students must work in unison to change this system. Many of developed nations have free tertiary education with public colleges. Name value of prestigious colleges may give you a financial edge, but it’s always the individual conscience to improve himself relentlessly to catch up with the change of time. Firing, redundancy, and corporate bankruptcy are daily events these days. Job security is an obsolete notion. An individual must be a totally financially responsible entity.

  2. Let’s see, unless we remove the slave based system we are all under from the day we are born until we die we will live in debt no matter what. The Federal Reserve being used to print out money is the biggest scam of ALL TIME! The Globalist Jew elites that own all of us are trying to rule the world by taking and owning EVERYTHING and implement their coveted Liberal World Order and destroying the west in the process and Obama was their puppet as is Clinton. A bunch of illuminati scumbag pedofiles run the entire world bc they print out money.

  3. Geloof Hoop en Liefde

    ” If you can’t pay for it don’t buy it”.
    I like the man for what he is,a self made man from nowhere town in the USA.
    A modest man too.
    But sorry to say he is not a great speaker,too many sidesteps from the mainstory.

    I fully support his comments about creditcards,get rid of them!
    For the rest,just follow his investmentpolicies,look in which companies he has shares and just copy that.
    No need to invent the wheel for a second time.
    If it works for Buffett it wil work for us.

    Greatings from The Netherlands,AKA Holland.

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