Bitcoins Kopen Skrill

How To Send And Recieve Using SpectroCoin Wallet

Hello world! I hope you have gotten some good value from this short but powerful tutorial. saving you hundreds of dollars. also, like I promised. the information to Spectrocoin wallet, Coinbase account or banker’s ICO if your not in the USA.

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5 gedachtes op “Bitcoins Kopen Skrill”

  1. I gave my friend my spectro address so she could send me some Litecoin,but i can’t find LTR anywhere,so we both don’t know where her transaction went… both the site and the app are useless… help would be greatly appreciated,thanks!

  2. i have 4$ bitcoin i triend to send it but it keeps telling me that i have insufficient funds, is there a minimum amount of transfer.
    thank you in advance

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