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HOW TO BUY: Bitcoin, Litecoin, And Ethereum (Step By Step)

You’ve asked (and asked, and asked), and I’ll deliver – here’s a step by step guide of how I purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum using Coinbase and GDax. Thanks for watching! Coinbase link: (You get , I get after your first 0 purchase – totally up to you if you use it or not)

Disclosure – I’m showing you exactly what I did, and by no means am I endorsing you buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. I’m treating this money I use as my gambling money, it’s not going to make a big difference to me if it goes up 10x or falls 90%. It’s extremely volatile, extremely risky, and at this point, I believe the market is strongly driven by speculation. Do this with good intentions and this is not a get rich quick tactic. Make sure this is money you can afford to risk, and by no means should bitcoin replace a historically proven investment strategy. Do your own research! However, if you’re like me and want to play around with it and learn about it firsthand with money you can afford to lose…here you you.

First, I made a Coinbase Account.

As an err of caution, always make sure to use google authenticator. I’m overly cautious and have my cellphone provider require a password + last 4 of my social to get access my number. I also have a second cell phone and number, not linked to me, to use for all of my accounts with a google authenticator app. So make sure you set yourself up where no one can gain access to your account without your permission.

Coinbase is an easy simple to use website, but the fees or wait times tend to be out of control. For this reason, I recommend using either a bank transfer (can take 5-10 days, however) or a wire transfer. However, I’ve preferred to skip coinable altogether and instead use GDax with my Coinbase account. It looks a little more complicated than a coinbase account, but it’s very easy to learn in a few minutes.

Once you’ve created your GDax account and gone through their verification, you can use the steps outlined in the video to wire/bank transfer your money and place your order. I prefer limit orders because they’re free and work great if you have the patience to watch the market or wait until your order is filled.

Finally, once your order is filled, I wouldn’t recommend you just keep your Bitcoin on GDax or Coinbase because sites like this have been hacked before. Instead, you can look into a hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger Nano S. This way your currency won’t be at the mercy of their servers. Please do your own research on cryptocurrency security to find what’s right for you.

Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. Dm @discrete.hackzzz on instagram to purchase/invest bitcoin or other cryptocurriencies at cheaper rates…he is legit…I got btc off him recently and I’ve made money through his trading

  2. Abduvaliev Bek

    The video helped me very much to make money especially bitcoins. Thanks to the developers for this advice. Now I earn very big money on crypto currency. Very grateful I do not regret watching your movie.

  3. Heyyyyy love your content.💗💗💖💖💖!! Is there anyway I can buy Bitcoin by not using coinbase because coinbase or GDAX is not available in Trinidad.

  4. Graham Stephan

    Hey all, just wanted to pin this at the top. I was hesitant about posting this today since this marks the second crypto video in a week. I totally get it, it’s a lot. This one was a bonus video since so many people were asking I make this video. I read every comment and take any bit of constructive criticism seriously. I know many of you are tired of hearing about crypto and want more real estate, and that’s what I plan to do. Even though my focus will always be real estate, I still like to cover other videos I feel fit in line with investing and just being an overall better person than the day before. Whether that’s real estate, stocks, how to invest your way to a millionaire, how to live for free..and yes, maybe a crypto vid every now and then. But rest assured this will not be a crypto channel, the focus will always be on real estate, and the other videos I make will be around other things I’ve learned along the way that I’ve found interesting and helpful. Hope this clears it up a little bit. Don’t worry about this becoming a crypto channel.

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