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  2. Seeing this video as of today, you really make sense. Plus, It’s hard to see honest guys nowdays about crypo. But I can tell you are.

  3. Nyinyi put cha phyu

    December 20, 2017 8:02 am JST

    China and Russia calmly weigh Trump’s security strategy
    Powers branded as ‘rivals’ by Washington urge cooperation, not conflict
    OKI NAGAI and TOMOYO OGAWA, Nikkei staff writers

    Chinese President Xi Jinping, second from left,
    with Russian President Vladimir Putin, second from right, at the
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang, Vietnam, in

    © Reuters

    BEIJING/MOSCOW — China and Russia show concern over the
    national security strategy announced Monday by U.S. President Donald
    Trump, but they appear to have chosen to take measured response rather
    than lashing out.

  4. David Shiedelbaum

    TRON is crushing it up like 400% in a few days and still under a buck? How come people haven’t poured into this yet? It’s got ridiculous backing.

  5. INVEST IN XRP… .. XRP is going to BEAT BITCOIN and in the LONG RUN….
    and its not too late to INVEST IN XRP NOW…

  6. Hi Jerry, Question: can I buy bitcoin on coinbase and then transfer that transaction to my  wallet which is stored on my desktop computer? Thank you.

  7. its a virtual product that has no tangible value whatsoever , not in any way currency. Esspecially being so unstable in price and volatile. its garbage in my opinion

  8. Logan Mercado

    i am a young college student that has recently stumbled upon this in hope of it helping pay the expensive expenses that come with college i have no one to help me but myself so i was hoping this would help any got any tips? my account: 1P5XkPEqyuXPVf3L2DCmqUS5oRKmHJMjy1 i was hoping a generous soul could help me get going in the right direction how does all this work?

  9. Reginald Dowling

    yeah I’m subscribing to you I was on the fence but if you’re man enough to admit that you made a mistake that’s man enough for me to trust your advice

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